Our Story

Founder and CEO, Paula Wong, started working with technology at a very young age and built her first desktop computer a little after age 10 by assembling and purchasing all computer parts from Fry’s Electronics.  The idea probably came from watching a lot of Mr. Roger’s neighborhood and how he would put things together and make them work or make things flow.  She was voted most likely to success in junior high school and won numerous scholarships at Cal State East Bay, where she went to college.

Fast forward a decade, she got an internship at NCR and saw a great opportunity in professional services and a career that has great potential. 

She went to work for a start-up and a very good colleague advised to go into networking while working as a systems administrator.  After working long hours growing that start-up from 200 to 600 employees and building their data center, that company went belly up.

She and her colleague went their separate ways and then re-united at Webex (while it was still growing at as an early phase start-up) and another unfortunately event happened.  She was terminated due to insubordinate and after that second incidents, she learned that the corporate world was not meant for her.

She went on and decided to work as contractors for different companies (with big names clients as Cisco Systems as TAC engineer and as part of their Advanced Services team), Salesforce, Expedia\Hotwire just to name a few).  Those experiences gave her the knowledge and expertise to build and start Accend Networks.

“I consider myself an accidental business owner and Entrepreneur.  I chose this route because I feel there is a need from clients who need specialized services.  I will continue to provide and meet those needs in the most professional matter and provide the best customer service experience possible, while meeting all their IT challenges.”  – Paula Wong, Founder and CEO